Please fill this form out before bringing your pet in for boarding services.

  • Please input the names of pets which will be boarding with us, separated by a comma.
  • In order to board your pet, his/her Rabies vaccine must have been given in the last twelve months if he/she is less than two years of age, or in the last thirty-six months if your pet is over two years of age. The Bordetella needs to have been given within that last 6 months in order to board. All other vaccines must have been administered within the last twelve months, unless you can show that your other veterinarian follows an alternative immunization protocol. If any vaccinations are past due, your pet must be vaccinated before boarding for his/her protection. Vaccines administered at this facility will be added to your bill.
  • Fees for medications that need to be filled or refilled during the time your pet is is boarded will be added to your bill. Please bring appropriate medications and provide instructions. Please list any medications your pet is currently on, as well as the directions.
  • We feed Sensitive Stomach mixed with moist Iams Low Residue dog food and Science Diet cat food in the kennel. We will be pleased to feed a prescription diet or another commercial diet of your choice if you bring it with you. Please outline feeding instructions:
  • Statement of Kennel Policy: 1. Pets must be picked up between 8 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday, and 8 AM to 12:30 PM, or 1:30 to 4:30 PM on Saturdays. Discharges after hours are only allowed after making special arrangements with the office and prepayment. 2. Personal items may be left at your own risk. We are not responsible for loss or damage. 3. Bishop Veterinary Hospital cannot guarantee the health of any animal, but pledged to give appropriate care to all boarded pets. I hold this facility harmless for conditions that often are unavoidable in boarding environments, including, but not limited to, weight loss, rough hair coat, kennel cough, upper respiratory infection and diarrhea. 4. Should the pets identified on this record become ill, I request that the veterinarians of the Bishop Veterinary Hospital to provide all medical/surgical treatment it deems necessary, with fees not to exceed $________. I acknowledge that in the event of my pets illness, the staff at this veterinary facility may not be able to contact me immediately and is therefore authorized to initiate appropriate treatment until I am available to discuss further care and related fees with the attending veterinarian. Please provide an amount not to exceed (in the event we cannot reach you).
  • I agree to make complete payment to Bishop Veterinary Hospital at the time of discharge. I certify that my pet appears to be free of contagious disease and has not bitten anyone with the past ten days. I understand that if I fail to pick my pet within ten days of notification to the above address, my pet will be considered abandoned and will be handled in accordance with California state law, and that doing so does not relieve me of any financial obligations.
  • By typing my legal name here, I agree to all the terms and conditions of this Boarding Agreement.